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Last Updated on February 9, 2023 by admin Reviews Is It Legit Or Fake 2023 is our today’s topic. If you appreciate playing enjoyable online games that also exercise your intellect. You’ve come to the perfect place! Today, we’ll talk about the cult wordle, but with a different version and domain. Reviews Is It Legit Or Fake 2022

Wordle has grown in popularity since its debut in October 2021 by Josh Wardle, a software developer from the United States. Other developers and scammers have built a variety of lookalike sites, allowing gamers to play Wordle for free.

Today, we’ll address your questions, such as “Is Wordle legitimate?” and “Is this simply another imitation version?”

What is

Wordlegame org may be an online replica of the original Wordle. It follows the same set of rules as the original edition.

As a result, it’s an alternate location to play Wordle online for free. It provides for an infinite number of trials as well as a letter restriction. When compared to the initial Wordle game, another “Give Up” function is involved in wordlegame org.

The game is continually updated and provided in ten different languages to users. For more information about the legality of Wordlegame org, go here. Please continue reading!

How Do You Play Wordle?

The procedure for playing Wordle is a little tough, yet simple:

  • To begin, type five letters in the first blank row to become familiar with the letters of the term you wish to use.
  • The color of the boxes changes based on the letter you input. The yellow color indicates that the letter is in the hidden word. But in the wrong location; the green color shows that the letter is right and in the correct place. The grey box indicates that the letter is not part of the hidden word.
  • You have up to six attempts to find the correct concealed word.

Is Wordlegame org a Safe Website?

We discovered the following information on the Internet to corroborate the credibility of this site:

  • Domain Age: The domain says January 11th, 2022. As a result, the domain is one month, nine days, and nine days old. The domain will expire on January 11, 2022.
  • Wordlegame .org has a low trust score of 5%, according to the Trust Index.
  • More information: It is stated on the website wordlegame .org that wordlegame .org is in no way affiliated with Wordle via NYTimes. When playing games on this platform, users are unable to share their scores, and no statistics are provided.

As a result, can you conclude that Wordlegame .org is legitimate? Keep an eye out for our final choice!


Q1. What’s the Deal With the Wordle Game?

A1. Wordle is a simple online five-letter game in which you have six chances to uncover a hidden word.

Q2. What is Wordlegame. org All About?

A2. Wordlegame. org is a new platform for playing Wordle with minor rule adjustments. Every day, you may play for free on the official website.

The Final Concluding Judgement

As a result, is a free online platform where you may play Wordle. It can serve as a replacement for the original game.

Josh Wardle, a software developer from the United States, launched the initial version of Wordle in the month of October 2021, and it has been a fan ever since. As stated, Wordlegame. org Legitimacy is a bit hazy, We do not recommend playing Wordle on other sites that have been duplicated. When you play Wordle on a bogus website, Wordle follows the same rules and may harm your device. Hope you enjoy reading our article. please share it with your friends and family.

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