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Best 1Millionpuzzle Com Info 1Millionpuzzle.Com Code 2023

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Best 1Millionpuzzle Com Info 1Millionpuzzle.Com Code 2023 is our today’s topic. Do you want to win $100,000 in America? The United States? Do you want to buy something that will help everyone to win prizes? Would you consider giving an intriguing puzzle to your loved ones and family this holiday season? is a website that offers puzzles with a difficulty rating of 5/10? It allows everyone to win and gives the winner an e-check. To learn more, read this article about review.

1Millionpuzzle.Com Code 2023 Best 1Millionpuzzle Com Info

1Millionpuzzle.Com Code 2022 Best 1Millionpuzzle Com Info

Short Description Description

1millionpuzzle com is a unique eCommerce website that allows US citizens to earn money by completing puzzles. The puzzle may only secure those above the age of 18. MSCHF, a street art collective and creator of opulent art, fashion, and social commentary, developed

The Features Of Include:

    • Buy puzzles at
    • Social media links: did not have any links to social networking networks.
    • Puzzles cost $30.00.
    • 1M Puzzle L.L.C.’s physical address is 62 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY-11222. It inspects to see whether is legitimate.
    • Terms & Conditions, in General, These terms and conditions are available in the Rules section.

Examining Customer Experiences And Blogs:

  • On its website, does not accept reviews or blogs.
  • policy on privacy It is not a clone, it derives from
  • Number: did not give a contact number.
  • is only available on the internet.


  • The timeline for delivering the package was not specified.
  • The delivery date was not specified.
  • Delivery: The puzzles will be exported within one to three weeks by


  • There was no information supplied.
  • does not accept puzzle returns or exchanges.
  • Returns and refunds are not accepted.
  • is the email address. Review discovers an email address as [email protected].

Payment Method:

  • Payment mechanisms are unavailable. supports USD payments.

Information About The Owner:

  • The MSCHF organization owns The identity of the owner was not revealed.
  • Newsletters are not supported on

Advantages 1millionpuzzle com:

      • A straightforward user interface that includes navigation and access to
      • There are 551,111 QR code puzzles to solve, and everyone may win a gift.
      • The first prize of $100,000 assign to one winner. The next ten winners each get $10,000, and the next hundred winners each receive $1000. The next 1000 winners each receive $100, and the last 550,000 winners each receive 0.25 cents.

1millionpuzzle com Contradictions

      • Winners must file an affidavit of liability and eligibility no later than 7 calendar days after receiving the award (or) that reward released.
      • There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds.

Is A Scam?

      • The creation occurred on February 2, 2021, at 07:34.52 PM.
      • The Expiry date: On February 2nd, 2021 at 07:34.52 PM, it will have a short life expectancy.
      • Its age: The website is between the ages of 10 and 25.
      • Index of Trust: has a dismal trust score of 33%.
      • 1millionpuzzle Analyze Alexa ranking: has an Alexa rank of 582,030.
      • The site’s origin: is an Icelandic website.
      • Blacklisting is not banned.
      • Websites to Avoid Proximity earned a suspicious score of 36/100.
      • Scam Score received a score of 29/100.

Profile of Risk

      • has a low score of 33 out of 100.
      • The score for Spam has a score of 33/100.
      • Malware rating: had an 11/100 rating.
      • Connection Security uses the HTTPS protocol to send and receive data.
      • Person to contact: On, no specific contact information is stated.
      • does not have any social media presence.
      • Owner contact information: The owner’s contact information was not supplied on

Users 1millionpuzzle Review:

There are 625 reviews on online purchasing platforms, with an average rating of 3.8/5. Furthermore, there is conflicting criticism on many review websites, YouTube, social media, and the internet. This means that the task is straightforward to answer, but the amount you may earn depends on your luck.

The majority of reviews mention a common problem in which one piece of the puzzle is missing from the set and the Q.R. code does not operate.

Final Results On 1millionpuzzle com: may be a legitimate website that provides answers and questions. Is a reputable website? as many customers have gotten puzzles as gifts, assembled puzzle parts, and scanned them for awards?

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